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Nestled in the bustling Woodinville Wine District, the Avennia Winery Tasting Room is slated to become a essential stop for anyone who wants to enjoy some of the best wine that Washington has to offer. The Tasting Room needed to encompass the standards of the winery and of the most discerning Sommelier. This project needed to be completed on a tight timeline to allow for the winery to start realizing their return on investment. Taking the 910 square-foot space from new construction to finish would include completely new high-end design-build mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems that are luxurious and functional.


The tasting bar is be comprised of custom built stained rift white oak casework which included specially wired and lined drawers, a matching cloud above the tasting bar with built in wireless speakers, light dimming feature and to top it all off a custom fabricated stain resistant solid surface countertop with an integrated hand sink. Being a smaller space, every inch had to be utilized for stocking wine for daily operations. To aid in this, we constructed another piece of custom casework that spans the length of the back wall that can store and showcase the vine with handmade steel bottle clamps above. The adjacent wall is where the Avennia logo is placed, the logo was one of the most challenging parts of the project. This full height wall would include five separate trades to make this monument possible. The background was constructed of custom cut and painted Tectum sound deadening panels that would receive a large format three-dimensional print of the legendary Avennia vines. Later a blackened steel sign would be installed over the printed panels to complete the wall. It is always exciting for us to push the limits of design as well as form and function.   


The prep area contains all the essential health code required equipment such as an automated dishwasher, three-bay sink and mop closet. This space also included a closet capable of storing twelve more cases of their best-selling wines. To utilize space, we mounted the water heater above the sink on a raised ledge to maximize floor space. A truly functional yet simple preparation area.        

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