JFK High School

The John F. Kennedy Catholic High School Library renovation was an extremely time sensitive project. The project could not start until the last day of school and had to be completed and commissioned several weeks before school was back in session to allow for time to organize books and set up the computer labs and technology that were included in the project.


Libraries are meant to be quiet. High school students are not. We took this in to consideration in the JFK library. We built two transparent areas on opposite sides of the library that would be able to contain the shrillest of high school shenanigans. These areas included a sound proof wall with built in casework to store textbooks with specially designed aluminum framed glass to the ceiling to allow the natural light to travel throughout the space as well as allow teachers to keep an eye on their students during their lessons. This was a design is intended to keep the space open while providing privacy and to maintain a reduced level of noise when the library is operating at capacity.


The main library area was designed as a very inclusive open floor plan with an integral school spirited colored carpet design. This space also included several areas of custom casework to serve as additional book storage; bar height work areas as well as a kitchenette area to assist in supporting special events and fundraisers. With all of the natural light in this area, we were also able to take advantage of multiple daylight harvesting zones as well as a dimming lighting system that could be controlled from one central touch screen. There are also two projector units installed for presentations during finals. We were extremely pleased with the space and how well everything flows but yet you can find privacy to study if need be.

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