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Joseph S. Simmons Has Received the Outstanding Performer Awars From AGC

Joseph S. Simmons has been recognized as an Outstanding Performer in the Safety and Claims Management Excellence in 2018 from the Washington State chapter of the Association of General Contractors (AGC). This is the 22nd consecutive year that Simmons Construction has been awarded. This award recognizes the ongoing effort to provide a safe working environment and assisting injured workers in returning to work.

"It is such an honor to be recognized by such a prestigious entity. We are proud to be affiliated with AGC of Washington and hope that we can continue to earn this award, and others year over year. -Chris Simmons, President/Owner of Simmons Construction

The Association of General Contractors is a nationally recognized as the governing authority of general contractors. It is their mission as the premier professional association of contractors in the State of Washington, they are committed to enhancing the performance of members, representing their interests and building a better climate for construction.

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