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Joseph S. Simmons Construction was called upon to correct a differential-settlement issue in a 50,000 SF commercial building in Redmond, Washington. Built on top of an existing peatbog, the building had settled as much as five inches in some areas causing damage to the foundation, slab-on-grade, exterior windows, concrete tilt-panel joints, sidewalks, and asphalt paving.


To prevent any further settlement and restore the building to like-new conditions, Simmons Construction partnered with a local structural engineering firm to support the building and prevent any further settlement using pin piles and new grade beams. In order to access the existing footings and correct the settlement issues of the existing slab-on-grade, Simmons Construction removed 202 cubic yards of concrete and then excavated another 286 cubic yards of soil. Once the concrete and soil was removed Simmons Construction installed a total of 7,894 lineal feet of piling using specialized pile driving equipment made for operating in confined areas. As part of the new foundation system, Simmons Construction installed 15,000 square feet of new structural slab-on-grade using a reinforcing steel mat and high-strength concrete.


Simmons Construction was able to restore the building to new like conditions by replacing  26 windows and repaired 1,700 lineal feet of exterior sealant that had been damaged when the building settled. Furthermore, Simmons Construction removed and replaced 2,300 square feet of exposed aggregate sidewalk and installed new landscaping around the building.


The last phase of the project was to deliver the building in a leasable condition back to the owner. That work involved constructing a new building lobby and restrooms.

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